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There are many different interior styles. Everyone thinks something else is beautiful. A personal touch is given to every interior style. As a result, different living styles are often combined with each other. We have listed the characteristics of the 9 most popular living styles. Scandinavian The Scandinavian interior is indispensable! Precisely because you can […]

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Fan of the bohemian living style? We also! That is why we show in this article how you can create a bohemian look in your own house with a few simple adjustments. Choose natural materials Natural materials are used almost exclusively in a bohemian interior. Think of wool, wood and bamboo. Don’t be afraid of […]

What makes someone bohemian? We looked it up for you! Check out our nine signs and discover if you are a bohemian too! You don’t judge others for being different. You don’t judge others lifestyle, fashion choices or beliefs. You are a firm believer in “live and let live”. You feel that denying people the […]

Welcome to the Mawgie’s Deals club! We have set up this Mawgie’s Deals club so that you can find all of Mawgie’s deals, discounts and giveaways in one place. This way you stay up to date with nice discounts, giveaways or discount codes. Nice and easy! So, become a member and be surprised 🙂 X […]

Bohemian Interior Mawgie

Colors, patterns and special materials are central to the Bohemian style. These ensure that you can create a warm interior. For example, combine different rugs with each other, which still match each other because of their color. Put a few nice plants together or collect your personal items or souvenirs in a nice place. In […]