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Winter Give Away Mawgie

Soon!! We will start a “Winter Give Away” to thank you for your loyalty, reactions, hearts, thumbs up, smiles, buys and following Mawgie. This give away only goes through our Mawgie’s Deals group. So become a member and stay up to date. Hope to see you soon! X Mawgie Also view our top 6 bohemian […]

Bohemian Interior Mawgie Blog

A Bohemian Interior is a spontaneous and casual interior style. It is a style in which combinations are not considered too much, but everything arises spontaneously. It is not made but it is a realistic combination of things, colors and materials. 5 times a bohemian interior; Each example has influences from a bohemian interior with […]

There are many different interior styles. Everyone thinks something else is beautiful. A personal touch is given to every interior style. As a result, different living styles are often combined with each other. We have listed the characteristics of the 9 most popular living styles. Scandinavian The Scandinavian interior is indispensable! Precisely because you can […]

Fan of the bohemian living style? We also! That is why we show in this article how you can create a bohemian look in your own house with a few simple adjustments. Choose natural materials Natural materials are used almost exclusively in a bohemian interior. Think of wool, wood and bamboo for a warm palette. […]

What makes someone bohemian? We looked it up for you! Check out our nine signs and discover if you are a bohemian too! You don’t judge others for being different. You don’t judge others lifestyle, fashion choices or beliefs. You are a firm believer in “live and let live”. You feel that denying people the […]