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Can your wall use a makeover again? How about a dark color instead of snow white? Dark walls suit almost every style and moreover a dark tint on the wall has quite a few advantages.

A dark wall, for example, guarantees a chic effect and bright colors look extra beautiful. Also a nice side-effect: you won’t see spots on a dark wall much quicker.

When a dark wall or not?

Well, in large rooms you can perfectly give the walls a dark color. Especially when you have a high ceiling, it is a good choice. A dark wall attracts much more attention in height than a light wall. By emphasizing the height of the ceiling, the space immediately seems more spacious.

Not (or less quickly)

In small spaces you have to be careful with dark walls, because the dark base can have a reducing effect. Are you still considering dark walls in a room that is not that big? Then limit it to one wall or a part of the wall. With large, light furniture and decorations you can limit the reducing effect.


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Color combinations

Are you a daredevil when it comes to color? Then combine for example a dark green wall with accessories in pastel shades. It gives your interior an elegant and dreamy atmosphere.


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Eye catchers

Do you have white or brightly colored decorative pieces that really deserve a prominent place? By placing this in front of a dark wall, the contrast becomes extra large and the striking decorations stand out even more.


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If you take dark walls as a basis, then it is important that you provide a lot of light. If you don’t do that, the whole can become gloomy and it looks like the walls are coming toward you. Natural light is pleasant, but artificial light can also give the room a chic touch.


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Are you totally into vintage? For example, hang your plates and other finds from the second hand store on a dark wall for an interesting look.


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We normally see a lot of white in the rustic and Scandinavian style, but dark walls also work great!


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