There are many different interior styles. Everyone thinks something else is beautiful. A personal touch is given to every interior style. As a result, different living styles are often combined with each other. We have listed the characteristics of the 9 most popular living styles.


The Scandinavian interior is indispensable! Precisely because you can design it entirely to your own liking and there are few rules. Most houses in this style have a color palette of white, gray, black and wood. There are a few features that are standard in a Scandinavian interior:

– a wooden floor
– light, soft colors
– clean lines with soft contours
– lots of wood
– tidy rooms
– fine textiles such as linen and wool




An Industrial interior is mainly characterized by the sturdy materials and dark colors. Therefore, much use is made of steel, wood, concrete and leather. An industrial interior is usually combined with a different living style. Otherwise this lifestyle becomes too cold. The characteristics of an industrial interior are:

– many dark colors
– metal
– concrete
– brick
– old furniture



Tough and rural

The Rural living style has been around for a long time, but will not disappear for the time being. Natural materials, soft furniture and furniture with round shapes are part of a rural interior. The table legs often have a rounded finish, but the armchairs also have large ‘ears’. A rural interior usually has a stone floor and accessories abound. Everything to make a cozy, cozy space. The characteristics of a rural interior are:

– white, taupe & beige
– coarse linen
– natural materials
– many accessories – many wooden elements




A Romantic interior looks a lot like a rural interior, but all a bit more romantic. Think of a pink couch, candles, a rose print and many different mood lights. The characteristics of a romantic interior are:

– feminine
– light colors with a pink undertone
– plants & flowers
– many frills




This well-known lifestyle comes from the 70s, but is currently making a comeback. The round shapes, busy prints and even the colors from this time come back. The Flexa color of the year 2019 therefore fits in perfectly with the retro image. Characteristic of the Retro living style are:

– round shapes
– orange, brown and yellow
– the use of plastic
– busy prints




The three basic rules of the Minimalist interior are: basic, clean and sleek. So; only the necessary furniture is in the room, little or no use is made of accessories and the color palette consists of basic colors. Busy patterns are avoided and the materials mainly consist of glass, metal and clean wood.
Features of a minimalist interior are:

– less is more
– design pieces
– white, gray and black
– cleaned up
– few to no accessories




An Oriental interior brings the Far East to the Netherlands. Think of hand-woven carpets, metallic-colored lamps, warm colors and many natural materials. By applying an oriental living style, you get an instant holiday feeling. Features of an oriental interior are:

– far East
– kilim clothes
– wooden floor
– lanterns
– mosaic




This style of living has been particularly popular lately. You actually get as much greenery as possible for a Botanical living style. You do this through plants, paint, wallpaper and so on. You can therefore never have enough plants at home. The characteristics of the botanical interior style are:

– green, greener, greenest
– many plants
– cushions with plant patterns




A Bohemian interior immediately gives you a holiday feeling. The rich colors take you to the Mediterranean sun. This living style is complemented by metallic accessories and accents. In a bohemian interior there are also many plants, prints and animal fur. The characteristics that always come back in a bohemian interior are:

– relaxed atmosphere
– colour
– metallic
– cheerful prints
– animal fur
– North African – Mediterranean


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