Basket 5 Steps To Bohemian Interior Blog Mawgie

Fan of the bohemian living style? We also! That is why we show in this article how you can create a bohemian look in your own house with a few simple adjustments.

basket rattan

Choose natural materials

Natural materials are used almost exclusively in a bohemian interior. Think of wool, wood and bamboo.

Don’t be afraid of color

Say bohemian and you say color. Go for a warm color palette, with orange and red hues. Green and pink also fit in this style.

Choose (aztec) prints

Prints should not be missing in a bohemian interior! The aztec print in particular can be seen a lot. Go for a striking print in orange / red tones, or for one in black / white. Cushions and throws with the aztec print must not be missing!

Place plants (or hang them up)

Plants make a space more playful and relaxed. Exactly what fits with a bohemian style! Don’t be too careful and choose a number of large indoor plants that steal the show.

Jute Bohemian Carpet

Decorate with plaids and cushions

Create various relaxation corners with lots of cushions; in a bohemian interior, cushions and rugs are used a lot. It makes the room very cozy, warm and laid-back!