What makes someone bohemian? We looked it up for you!
Check out our nine signs and discover if you are a bohemian too!

You don’t judge others for being different.

You don’t judge others lifestyle, fashion choices or beliefs. You are a firm believer in “live and let live”. You feel that denying people the freedom to be themselves without consequence is a crime against humanity.

You appreciate other cultures.

You embrace the beauty of other culture’s lifestyle and fashion. You are always hungry for more. That’s why you have a “global” look about you.

You don’t like being told what to do and follow rules.

You are rebellious by nature and being bossed is not your thing. You dislike being told how to dress and act by the modern media.


9 signs you are a bohemian! Mawgie


You have to create something.

Creativity is in your soul! You have a deep need to create. When you find yourself stuck in a position when you can’t create, you might go crazy.

You are definitely not a 9 to 5 person.

You don’t do well in the 9 to 5 lifestyle. You are too wild and spontaneous for strict schedules and dress codes. This doesn’t say that you don’t have a job, you still have your responsibilities. But you can feel like a caged animal and when you feel to break free, you might burst, run and never return.


9 signs you are a bohemian! Mawgie


You don’t like looking like everyone else.

You are an unique individual who don’t need to be told what to wear and how to wear it. You do the exact opposite of what any fashion magazine says.

You are not a lover of radio music.

Today’s music is rubbish. You enjoy unique sounds. Deep going song lyrics and original music designed to appeal bohemians, that must be you.

You are not in for uniforms.

The majority of bohemians express themselves through fashion and style and taking that away from them for the sake of uniformity makes you feel like you’ve lost a bit of yourself.

You can find people to be a little boring.

For you, being around boring people works non-stimulating. Bohemians and boring people don’t have much in common. They most likely won’t even have the same interests.



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