Bohemian Interior Mawgie

Colors, patterns and special materials are central to the Bohemian style. These ensure that you can create a warm interior. For example, combine different rugs with each other, which still match each other because of their color. Put a few nice plants together or collect your personal items or souvenirs in a nice place.

Bohemian Interior Mawgie In the Bohemian style, influences can be seen from all over the world. Do you like prints? Then choose a printed rug, a beautiful plaid and cushions in various prints.

Bohemian Interior Mawgie By also choosing the right lighting in the right places, you also create a cozy atmosphere in the evening. Did you find a beautiful lamp during a trip through India or Morocco? Perfect!

Bohemian colors can be combined well with each other. Whether these are natural colors or bright colors. You always create that warm atmosphere in your home.