Urban Jungle Mawgie

Are you also getting exited with all those interiors filled with greenery and beautiful house plants? Then you really aren’t the only one. You call this ‘green’ style the Urban Jungle style! We have listed our 5 favorite plants for you. This way you can see which one is your favorite and you can already start to provide your house with stylish house plants!


Urban Jungle Monstera Mawgie

  • Pancake plant / Pilea Peperomiodes
  • Holes plant / Monstera Deliciosa
  • Ficus Lyrata / Violin leaf plant
  • Banana plant / Musa
  • Alocasia / Elephant Ear

Urban Jungle Cactus Succulent plant Mawgie


Do you really want to create a green environment in your home but you have no green fingers? Then you can also first start with succulent plants or cacti. These require little attention and are therefore easy to maintain.

You can of course also make a mix of ‘real’ plants and artificial plants. Is it going to be a very ‘green’ house, with maintenance of only a few living house plants.


Urban Jungle Mawgie


Taking care of plants is also very relaxing. Gardening or taking care of plants is a good way to reduce stress. Part of it comes from the satisfaction that you feel when you take care of something. That way you can convert stress into positive energy.

Plants also improve the quality of the air you breathe. Plants extract carbon dioxide from the air and convert it back into oxygen. The presence of plants increases the amount of oxygen in the air and that makes breathing more efficient. So a good choice to turn your house into a beautiful healthy green environment.

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