Bohemian eclectic Mawgie

By choosing different styles, you give your house more personality and you make it unique. You call this eclectic living.

If you are not yet familiar with the entire eclectic concept, there are a few things that you can take into account. Unity!

  • Choose a color palette – dark green, for example, combines beautifully with dark brown wood, pastel pink, gold or ocher
  • Go for furniture or accessories of various materials, but in colors that match each other
  • Arrange your furniture so that all parts are connected to each other
  • Choose prints that match each other

eclectic interior Mawgie


Try to combine interior styles that go well together.

For example, the quiet, neutral Scandinavian style that is known for romantic pastel shades, light wood and soft, round shapes can look very nice with a rough, rough wall or dark wood for a tough industrial-style look.


eclectic interior Mawgie


Which two styles also fit well together, are modern and rural. Here it is mainly about joining different materials, such as; leather, wood, metal, knitted fabrics and a warm woolly plaid.

For example, you can complete a sleek leather sofa with some coarse knitted cushions and a nice plaid. Or a sleek modern kitchen with an old wooden dining table.

The whole eclectic concept is not that difficult at all, as long as you make it into a unity!


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